Psalm 139

I’ve been grazing in the pasture of Psalm 139 lately; We did family devotions there and a midweek study as well.
“O Lord, thou has searched me, and known me…” A bit of a reversal…usually we speak of learning of God…knowing Him. But here it is the fact that he knows me, and that quite well.
In verse 13 the lyrics are “thou hast possessed my reins” the reins…the control dept. of my being, my heart…that from which our thoughts and desires spring from. The bible speaks of “bowels of mercy” the place in our gut that is physically effected by emotion. This portion of me the Lord is very familiar, very acquainted with , it says that he has had this part of me in His possession. Not only does he know my thoughts, but why I think them
Talk about the shepherd knowing His sheep…He is the Good Shepherd and we the sheep of his pasture.